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In conversation with: Bamby Collective founder, Ambar Driscoll

Author Editor - 4 minute read

In 2020, we launched our Community Connection campaign – a global initiative where we swapped French for ‘Community’, supporting, and celebrating our local and wider communities. 

As a branch of our Community Connection campaign, and as part of our week of International Women’s Day celebrations, we’re joining forces with The Bamby Collective - an all-female community bringing young women together. Both online and offline, the Bamby Collective provides a platform for like-minded young women to forge new friendships, seek advice, share stories and build positive connections.

Since its launch in 2019, the online community has grown considerably and now has over 30,000 members around the world. They host in person events across the UK and beyond every month, as well as virtual events, so young women can meet up in a safe space while doing something fun and uplifting.

We caught up with Bamby Collective founder, Ambar Driscoll, to discuss all things female friendships, International Women’s Day and what’s next for her community.

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Ambar, tell us a little bit about why you created the Bamby Collective community...

I created Bamby Collective as I wanted to create a positive corner of the internet where young women could come and connect with each other and feel supported. It started out online but has now grown to having in person events in different cities throughout the UK.




What was your aim/goal when creating this community?

My aim was ultimately to create a space where in an increasingly isolated world, young women could come to Bamby, share what they like and know that they’d receive something positive in return. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, it’s really gone above and beyond my expectations. People just want to feel connected at the end of the day.



What’s your favourite part of your Bamby Collective job?

My favourite part is seeing the genuine friendships that have been forged because of Bamby. Seeing girls come back to events together after meeting at a previous one, girls moving in together, travelling together. It feels very fulfilling.

How important is it to forge positive female friendships in your 20s & 30s?

Beyond important. We tend to put a lot of energy into our romantic relationships and our female friendships can be left as an afterthought, but these tend to actually be the most fulfilling and important relationships as our lives go on. These relationships being so much joy and support into our lives.



As part of your platform, you also provide Pen Pal Matching, how does this work?

So every month we do pen pal sign ups where you can sign up (on our Facebook page) and then a few weeks later you’ll be paired with a Bamby girl from across the world to write snail mail to. I think there’s something so wonderful about taking the time to write letters and forge a relationship in that way.

What are you top tips for creating new female friendships in your 20s & 30s?

Put yourself out there. If there’s anything Bamby has shown me, it’s that so many people do want to connect and make new friendships. Meet new people as much as you can, people are more friendly than you may think.



What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

 It’s about celebrating and uplifting all women, something I’m so passionate about. The big achievements but also the small everyday wins that can feel so challenging. Just celebrating women for existing day after day and doing the best they can.



What’s been your biggest achievement/proudest moment so far?

My proudest moment was probably the Bamby summer retreat. An intimate group of us went away for the night and it was so special.



Have you had any challenges along the way?

Definitely had challenges during lockdown. I had to find ways to keep people connected every week which was challenging but very rewarding. We did things like Netflix parties, live workouts, live bake a longs.


Who is a woman in history who has inspired you most in life/your career?

Right now I’m really inspired by Eshita Kabra-Davies, the founder of By Rotation. She’s doing such cool things while supporting other women along the way.


What’s next for the Bamby Collective in 2023?

Hopefully bigger and better events, and in more locations. More connection!



Quick fire round

Describe The Bamby Collective in 3 words…warm, open, supportive.

Your favourite Bamby Collective event so far... definitely our summer retreat last year!

Currently reading... I'm currently re-reading Daisy Jones and the Six, since the series has just come out.

Spring summer or autumn winter…Summer by far!

Currently binge-watching… I’m bingeing Grey's Anatomy for the first time, I get the hype.

 What's the one thing you can't live without? My kindle!


Whether you've just moved to a new city, or just want to be part of a supportive online community, find out more about The Bamby Collective here.


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