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Ding, ding! Are you ready for round two? The launch of the second fcuk fear collection, in collaboration with undefeated heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua, is here. A 14-piece capsule collection of luxury sportswear takes the revived range out of the boxing ring and straight into your wardrobe. Limited edition pieces sit alongside premium twists on fcuk fear classics in a collection that sparks a brand new direction for the iconic boxing range

Countdown to rule Britannia

A Quickie with AJ

On his way to the top, we catch up with Anthony Joshua to chat 4.30am wake-up calls, starting out in Finchley boxing club and which his favourite fight to date.

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Why did you want to get into boxing? It was my cousin that got me into boxing, he introduced me to the Finchley ABC Boxing Club and that was that! The more I did it, the more I started noticing improvements. I really enjoyed that I was doing something positive, something I could really see a future in. I felt like I was made for the sport.

Who’s your boxing idol? There have been so many great fighters so choosing a particular one is difficult but if I had to, I would say Mike Tyson, he was incredibly explosive.

Which fight do you think is your best to date? That is difficult to answer as every fight has been different and every fight has had its own individual challenges. Obviously winning Gold at the Olympics was an amazing moment for me and was a great fight. The Silver medal at the World Amateur Championships was a great moment for me too.

How often do you train in the run up to a big match? I train about five hours a day on average during my training camp. When it gets closer to a fight, training gets more focused and I have to start to deal with the media element of boxing. Discipline is absolutely key when it comes to training.

Talk us through your daily fitness routine. I get up at 4.30am so I can be out on the road running by 5am. I will get back and have a healthy breakfast, normally poached eggs then porridge; I normally have the same thing every day. I exercise pretty much all day. Starting with cardio first thing, followed by bag and pad work and sparring. Exactly what I do changes the closer I get to a fight.

How do you manage to stay so humble with all the attention you get? Having a good team around me. They keep me in check. I couldn't do it without them guiding me, both inside and outside of the ring. You have to keep family around you too, the support network is invaluable.

Why did you decide to embark on the fcuk fear brand affiliation? I see similarities between what fcuk are doing with ‘fear’ and where I am going in my career. The last boxer fcuk worked with was Lennox Lewis, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, he didn't let anything get in his way. I'm working alongside French Connection and I know the belief they have in me, I will stand proud and I won't let anything get in my way either.

The fcuk fear brand is progressing alongside you, do you feel the new lines reflect your personal style as much as the last? For sure, even more so I would say. I like to look good. You are what you wear and I like to look clean and classy away from the ring. The fit is so important for me too and the French Connection team have done an amazing job on the new range.


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Eleven professional fights down and two more in the pipeline, our main man Anthony Joshua has been on a winning streak since day one. Making his professional debut in May 2013 at The 02 arena, Anthony kick-started his path to stardom after a first round win against Italian Emanuelue Leo. Three second round TKO’s pushed AJ into the spotlight throughout the year before he stormed into 2014 with a first round knockout against Argentinian Hector Avila at Glasgow’s SECC Arena. Gradually gaining more and more of the spotlight the British heavyweight champ embarks on 2015 with two crucial fights in his wake. With a safe and swift  recovery from a back injury and loyal fans around the world spurring him on, we know Anthony’s got what it takes to go all the way

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  • AJ vs TBC
    The Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham
    Time 1:21 Round 2
  • AJ vs Jason Gavern
    Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
    Time 1:21 Round 3
  • AJ VS Michael Sprott
    Echo Arena, Liverpool
    Time 1:26 Round 1
  • AJ VS Denis Bakhtov
    O2 Arena, London
    Time 1:00 Round 2
  • AJ VS Konstantin Airich
    Phones 4u Arena, Manchester
    Time 1:16 Round 3
  • AJ vs Matt Skelton
    Echo Arena, Liverpool
    Time 2:33 Round 2
  • AJ vs Matt Legg
    Wembley Stadium, London
    Time 1:23 Round 1
  • AJ vs Hector Avila
    Secc Arena, Glasgow
    Time 2:14 Round 1
  • AJ vs Dorian Darch
    Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
    Time 0:00 Round 2
  • AJ VS Hrvoje Kisicek
    York Hall, London
    Time 1:38 Round 2
  • AJ VS Paul Butlin
    Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield
    Time 0:50 Round 2
  • AJ VS Emanuele Leo
    O2 Arena, London
    Time 2:47 Round 1

Upcoming Fights

  • Rule Britannia
    AJ vs Kevin Johnson
    O2 Arena, London
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