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Menswear Muse: Alain Delon

Author Editor - 1 minute read

This season’s style is defined by Parisian cool in the 1960’s. The youthful energy, sense of rebellion and, above all, that nonchalance typified by French dressing. When it comes to style inspiration, is there anyone who encapsulates Parisian cool than native to the city and 1960’s style ingénue Alain Delon? Mais, non!




Heralded as France’s answer to James Dean, Delon found fame as an actor at the age of 23 after being scouted in Cannes. Delon quickly became closely associated with the rising film movement of the era, La Nouvelle Vague. The French New Wave was driven by young figures like Delon, using their youthful spirit to drive film making. 



The Parisian became known not only for his film roles and as a key player in French cinema throughout the 1960’s, but also for his effortless style, which epitomised French sophistication and nonchalance. He quickly became cast by fans as a brooding romantic, with his talent, good looks and urbane appearance catapulting him to fame.


From his slick tailored suits and slim ties to his off-duty style rooted in knitted polo shirts, oversized cardigans and lightweight linen shirts, Delon mastered the art of looking good whilst appearing to have hardly tried at all. Whether in a sharp suit at the airport (note to self: step up travel attire), relaxing in Cannes in linen trousers or photographed in Paris with that perfectly blasé air, Delon embodies everything that draws us to the 1960’s as an era of timeless style inspiration. 



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