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Focus on: Indoor plant pot ideas

Author Editor - 2 minute read
If you’d of told us when we were growing up that plant pots would become one of the must-have accessories, we would probably still be laughing today. But behold, today, one of the most sought-after home accessories is the beloved plant pot.

This summer we’re bringing the outdoors inside, growing our interior jungles to create a calming, aesthetically pleasing sanctuary within our own four walls. The benefits of keeping indoor plants go further than just brightening a room’s empty corner, the soothing green tones of a potted plant can also benefit our health and wellbeing. From helping us to upkeep a relaxing routine with their regular watering and encouraging our nurturing spirit, some indoors nature has also been proven to help improve our productivity and concentration levels. See, much more than just making the place look pretty.

If you’re new to indoor plant pot ideas, let us assure you that times have changed from the old orange plastic, and let us welcome you to the growing gang with our woven hanging baskets, metallic bowls and geometric stands.

When choosing your perfect indoor planters, it’s important to do research on what kind of habitat your plant type requires, before also selecting the modern indoor plant pots or elegant planters that best suit the style of your space…




Elevate your interior jungle from the ground up with our 4 Tier Copper Planter Stand. The geometric design provides 4 staggered heights to host your fun indoor planters at with minimalist styling. We recommend pairing with indoor plant pots of contrasting shapes, sizes and finishes for an effortless mix’n’match ensemble, such as the Medium Antique Planter and Concrete Cylinder Planter.



Sometimes less is more, and the Pedestal Bowl is an easy way to take your table setting to a new level. Crafted in aluminium, its antique gold-tone finish adds a classy decorum to host small plants in the hallway or windowsill. Ideal for a beginner’s introduction to the world of indoor planting.




The texture of the woven seagrass contrasting with the bold black stripe pattern gives our Large Hanging Basket a minimal yet modern appearance. Ideal for storing your trailing house plants, this hanging basket provides another nod to nature. Ours hangs side-by-side the Small Green Hanging Basket, each overflowing with growing leaves of varying shapes and shades of uplifting green.



Who said you had to leave the calming green to just the plants? Our Square Antique Green Planter is intended to inspire your interior jungle to flourish, whilst standing in an antique green finish itself. Hosted by a 3D iron stand, this planter adds a contemporary touch to a timeless design. If round is more your shaping, why not opt for our Medium Antique Green Planter instead? Though if we’re honest, we think they’re best suited together.



Add some bohemian charm to your space with a beaded planter, such as our Beaded Hanging Planter. The muted colours and organic curved shaping creates woodland appeal, perfect for a natural aesthetic for your plants to thrive in. We partner ours with the Beaded Bowl Hanging Planter for a harmonious duo.
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