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Fashion illustration may not be as common or as well known an art form as fashion photography is, however we encounter it on a daily basis, from print publications to digital media. 

We caught up with Tuula Rose, a fashion illustrator, artist and content creator from London, to share how she got into fashion illustration, her inspirations and favourites pieces to draw...

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How did you get into fashion illustration?

I’ve always loved fashion and art growing up. My family has always had an interest in art - my dad used to take me to galleries and I used to watch him paint and draw, which is where I learnt it from. I learnt a lot about fashion from my mum and all her magazines when I was younger. I used to flick through her magazines and wanted to draw all the ads and editorials, it was never about the articles. I eventually started drawing from the fashion magazines. The love for the two then lead me to getting a book, ‘fashion illustration school’ for Christmas one year. I must have been about 12/13 years old and it made me realise that it was actually a viable career. This then spurred on my love and I’ve never stopped drawing since. I’ve been determined since then to make it my job.

How would you describe your style of artwork?

How wouldn’t I describe my artwork! I have so many styles from minimalist line work to oil painting (which stays in my creative space) but primarily my fashion illustration work is very simple. I’d describe my work as a beautiful mess. It’s perfectly undone, clean lines with some freedom - the less is more approach. You fill in the missing lines with your mind. You can see the full, perfect image from afar but if you look closely all the lines are so messy and imperfect.

Who/what is your biggest influence/inspiration and why?

So many things! Firstly, my dad always pushed me to do a job I wanted to do, rather than your ‘normal’ office job. He definitely inspires me to do the best at what I do and better. My biggest inspiration for my work I’d say is definitely street style. It is forever my favourite time of year when fashion months hit and the best of street style comes out to play. Not only do I love seeing the ways people put together their outfits to their taste but also, illustrating the newest looks from shows is one of the best things and has always been something that has inspired me, since seeing it in fashion magazines from a young age.

What are your favourite pieces of fashion to draw?

I love portraiture and beauty products, but specifically within fashion, anything with textures and colours that are unusual, so I can have some fun when drawing them or even a challenge, are always my favourite pieces to draw.

What advice do you have for any aspiring fashion illustrators?

Have fun! Follow what inspires you and don’t try to please anyone else. Enjoy it, experiment, play about. There are no boundaries. Express your style in the same way you would dress. Show your personality. Practice makes perfect. Keep hold of pieces you create over the years so you can see your progress and learn from your past work.

What’s next for Tuula Rose? Any future plans?

Oh there is so much to come, I like to think this is just the start! I really want to start merging my fine art side with my fashion illustration. But you never know what’s around the corner and what will inspire you.

Quick fire round

Spring summer or autumn winter… Has to be spring/summer! I need sunshine all year round.

Your favourite fashion era… The 60’s purely for Art Deco. But the 90’s only for Princess Diana, not for the low rise jeans and crop top combo.

The three essential items in your wardrobe…  An oversized boyfriend blazer, a lace trimmed slip dress and a good pair of sunglasses (the best accessory).

What's the one thing you can't live without? Banana Lowlighter by Rodial (but also chocolate).

When I’m not drawing, I’m... Either eating (99% of the time), working out or shooting for Instagram.


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