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When a woman shows you a picture of her home and it looks like this, there are few people who respond with anything other than utter home-envy. In the spirit of the new season, Monikh Dale has reinvented her home with a fresh yet characterful appeal and she attributes all of this to the details. But there's an art to it, she says. 

Here's how to give your home a little TLC. 

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Monikh Dael FC Home

Cowhide Candle, Brass Tray Table, Large Hammered Glass Tumbler

How would you describe your home?

A simple space with busy additions.

How has your home evolved since you moved in a few years ago?

First I had everything white and marble and that was quickly followed by the rose gold era. Now it’s all about effortless clutter. I just want the house to look lived in, warm and stylish. The best way to achieve that is with small and simple details. 

French Connection Homeware

Large Roger Bar Stool, Antique Tiled Mirror, Burnt Wood Ombre Table Lamp, Cowhide Candle Large

How did you make your house a home?

Accessorising with textures, cushions, vases and scented candles. These are the pieces that bring your house to life, they show your personality and prevent a simple space from feeling like a show home. 

How does your job influence your personal space?

There's an art to styling your accessories and I want people to see my home and know it belongs to me. I take a lot of my blog photos at home and it's nice that my surroundings match the feel of my clothes. 

Framed prints

Large Framed Palm Springs Print, Small Headdress Print, Retro Brass Floor Lamp

How does the internet play a role in inspiring your real life space? 

Pinterest is dangerous! I’ll see an image taken on opposite side of the world (and with a price tag that leaves me ill) but I won’t be able to stop thinking about it and will spend weeks looking for something similar. 

My favourite piece... 

The new cowhide candles are ideal! I burn one every night so am constantly looking to stock up. These are amazing as they become a feature of the bedside table.

Macrame Cushion, Waffle Stitch CushionLarge Grey Bow

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