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Introducing our new takeback service with Thrift+.

As part of our ongoing Conscious Connection initiatives, we have recently launched a partnership with Thrift+, a fuss-free takeback scheme and donation service where your best unwanted clothes are given a second life.

350,000 tonnes of used and unwanted clothing end up in landfill every year in the UK - so with help from Thrift+, we want to play our part in improving this and are committed to protecting our planet through positive changes.

Gain extra wardrobe space, raise funds for your chosen charity and earn a 10% discount from your next French Connection order. What’s not to love? And even better, Thrift+ are helping us on our journey to becoming a more responsible brand by collectively supporting circular fashion.


Simply add a Thrift+ bag to your basket the next time you’re shopping online with us and use it to return any of your unwanted clothes. You’ll receive your bag with your purchase and then it’s up to you to get filling.

Once your bag is filled and returned, Thrift+ will sell the clothes for you and donate 33% of the proceeds to a charity of your choice. You will also receive credits to use on the Thrift+ website, plus we’ll also treat you to 10% off your next online order with us. It’s that easy. Free for you and a great way to support circular fashion. Sounds good doesn’t it? Find out more below to get started.

As part of our ongoing Conscious Connection journey, we hope you will get involved and support this initiative, plus give your unwanted clothes a new lease of life.




  1. Add a Thrift+ bag to your basket the next time your order from us.
  2. When you receive the bag, scan the QR code on your bag to start.
  3. Register your bag online and chose the charity you’d like to support with your donation.
  4. Fill up the bag with any unwanted second-hand clothing (this doesn’t have to be French Connection, but great if it is).
  5. Once full, scan the QR code again to send the bag back to Thrift+ using the free returns service.
  6. Thrift+ will then sell your unwanted clothing on their website. Once the items are sold, Thrift+ will donate 33% of the proceeds to your chosen charity.
  7. Plus, as an exclusive treat from us, when Thrift+ receives your bag, we’ll send you a 10% off code to use on your next online order*.


Is there a cost to me?
No there is absolutely no cost to you, our customer. Your Thrift+ bag is free and Thrift+ offer free returns from a number of UK locations. Find out more about return locations here.

What can I put in my Thrift+ Bag?
Thrift+ look for clothing, shoes and accessories from premium and designer brands, plus they also sell everyday high street brands, but these must be in new or excellent condition. Please note they do not accept underwear, swimwear and children’s or baby clothing. Please find out more here.

Can I donate low-end/supermarket branded clothes?
Low-end high street and supermarket brands do not sell well on Thrift+’s website. But please don’t throw these pieces away! Your local charity shop are able to raise valuable funds from these pieces by sending them to be recycled.

How much can I donate?
You'd be surprised how much you can fit in a Thrift+ bag – a good guide is a standard carry-on suitcase. You will receive one 10% off discount code per filled Thrift+ bag, which will be sent to your email once Thrift+ receives your clothing donation.

Is this service available outside the UK?
At the moment, the French Connection x Thrift+ takeback scheme is a UK only partnership. However, we are currently looking into international options to expand this circular fashion initiative globally.

Find out more about Thrift+ and this great initiative here.

For full Terms and Conditions, please click here