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#FCCreators: In conversation with artist, model and skateboarder, Bushy Broweth

Author Editor - 2 minute read
Last year, we launched our Community Connection campaign – a global initiative where we swapped French for ‘Community’, supporting and celebrating our local and wider communities during these strange times.

Our community continues to be more important than ever. As a branch of our Community Connection campaign, for autumn winter we’re continuing to celebrate and put the spotlight on creative talents, artists and inspiring individuals. We will be sharing their stories, talents, passions and give a behind the scenes look into their industry and life, forming our French Connection community of creators, #FCCreators.

Introducing our next #FCCreator, South East London based music artist, model and skateboarder Bushy Broweth. From taking the modelling industry by storm whilst creating his own music as well as pursuing his passion for skateboarding, Bushy is a man of many talents and a great addition to our #FCCreators community. We caught up with Bushy to put the spotlight on his creative talents and explore his passions, inspirations and future plans.

Bushy, tell us a little bit about yourself...I was born in Leicester and then I moved to London when I was 2. I've spent most of my life in South East London but recently moved to Tooting.

Now more than ever, community is key. From music to skateboarding, how important is community to you?I think community and family are the most important things in life. With music, the more you try to do it yourself the more difficult it becomes. For example, when it comes to mixing or writing music, working together makes it harder to over think. It's the same with skateboarding, why film yourself when you can get your friend to help you. Community is very important to me - music and skateboarding brings people together. 


Making music is a passion of yours and you've recently released a song called 'Control' - can you tell us a little about its inspiration?The idea behind this track was the concept of, the more you have the more you have to loose. You never know what it's like to have a friend until you loose one or how much you'll miss a country until you move away. 

Which artists and genres inspire your music?A mix of genres inspire my music, including rock, pop rock, reggae, lovers rock and hip-hop. Artists like Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Paramore, The Killers and Massive Attack are also big influences on my music.

What's been your modelling career highlight so far?Definitely the Nike global campaign I featured in a few years back. I will never get over seeing my face in every country, especially in iconic places like Times Square.



What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career in modelling?Be fearless and take time for yourself, it can be very intense at times. Also start as young as possible, as the experience will help you get over the nerves for big projects.

As well as your music and modelling, you also have a passion for skateboarding. What are your top 3 tips for starting and getting into skateboarding?Practice, practice, practice - nothing good comes easy. 



If readers wanted to find out a little more about you and listen to your music, where and how can they find you?I'm on Spotify, Apple Music and I even have my own Vevo, all under the name Bushy.

Whether it be making music, modelling and skateboarding, what’s next for you? Any future plans?  

I'm finishing up my second music project and then next on the list is that I want to travel for a bit. I'd love to explore and experience new things like surfing and snowboarding.