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Our new season men’s collection takes influence from the world of French fashion. From urban street style, vintage-inspired workwear and classic tailoring with contemporary twists – we’re putting the French back into French connection. So, with that in mind we take a look at the men who shaped the current French style scene, from old-time trendsetters who marked fashion milestones to those leading the way, so you can achieve that certain je ne sais quoi that they do so well.

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Alain Delon

Finding fame at the age of 23, Delon charmed his way into the movie scene, shooting to stardom to become known amongst fans as the French James Dean. Caught up in the new wave of French cinema in the 60’s, throughout his rising career he became just as known for his talent as his debonair style, accruing a reputation as a fashion symbol. Known for his particular tailored style of slim ties and peaked lapels, his casual style was more lax. Oversized cardigans, rolled up linen shirt sleeves and light jeans were his usual uniform. Known for mastering the art of Sprezzatura, an Italian word meaning looking good without looking like you’ve tried too hard, he was the epitome of French style with confidence that carried his style with artful dishevelment.

Men's Style Icons - Alain Delon

Les Freres Joachim

Twins, bloggers, fashion designers. These two are a tour de force in the fashion realm. Swann and Loic make subtly their strong suit, so subtle in fact that it makes a distinguishable impact. Cool is in their nature. They don’t aim for it, it’s just unavoidably and enviably achieved. Influenced by hip-hop, utility and uniform in their casualwear and new wave in their tailoring. Their style is minimalistic and sleek and their fashion line, Lownn, reflects this. Describing it as a functional collection but with a creative approach, think oversized tees, cut off chinos and boxy bombers with specific attention to detail and long-standing luxury.

Men's Style Icons - Les Freres Joachim

Image courtesy of Les Freres Joachim

Jean-Paul Belmondo

The man who defined French cool in 1960, Belmondo, like Delon, was the personification of Nouvelle Vague. A former boxer, he had tough guy edge that subsequently made no one question his style choices, and why would they? He too had an innate ability to wear tailored trousers and a blazer with an air of insouciance. A dangling cigarette and trilby hat accessorized his cool to heart throb heights. Likewise, a wrinkled shirt with battered moccasins wouldn’t look out of place at an awards show on Belmondo. It was this attitude that made him a trendsetter.

Men's Style Icons - Jean-Paul Belmondo

Richard Biedul

A British model with a distinctive French suavity. Richard favours the tailoring side of the spectrum, mixing classic French details, like pockets squares, silk ties with signature English identifiers, like tweed to make a defining anglais look.

Men's Style Icons - Richard Biedul

Image courtesy of Le Club Style

How to dress like them?

Line your closet with a portfolio of luxury basics suitable for well-crafted layering. Fabric and fit are key, a loose silhouette creates the relaxed air, but look to stream-lined shapes when taking a smart approach. Follow trends but make them your own to create a nuanced, signature look. And remember, a French-inspired wardrobe isn’t complete without the accompanying attitude.

French Inspired Men's Clothes

French Inspired Men's Fashion

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