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Reworking the classic suit to make it daytime friendly is no easy feat. But keep your colour palette muted, throw on your favourite trainers and you’ve got yourself a look that’ll take you from boardroom to bar in no time.

Case and point? Influencer, Masha Theone.

For Exploring

Comfort and style aren’t always mutually exclusive but thankfully, with a fail-safe navy blue suit complete with a sharp cut and the right pair of shoes, you'll be ready to explore your new favourite city. 

We suggest your favourite pair of comfortable, box-fresh white trainers for a versatile and ‘ready-for-anything’ look. 

If crop tops aren't your thing, throw on your favourite slogan tee for a look that screams off duty cool. 

The Suit Jacket//The Trousers//The Crop Top

For Your Night Out

We dare you to find something more classic than an elegant two-piece suit. Well, this season we've given it an update and switched out the muted palette for a bold, modern and eye-catching choice. 

Best when paired with a cocktail in hand, we’re opting to style ours with a feminine and cute, slightly sheer, definitely cool polka dot shirt. And for when the dance floor calls our partner in crime will always be a pair of black heels.  

The Suit Jacket//The Trousers//The Shirt//The Shoes

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