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We all have a morning routine, the habitual step-by-step that's pivotal to how you feel about your day. Blogger Hannah Crosskey's first movements centre around opening her curtains, lighting candles and sipping on a hot drink in a tidy, relaxing space. One springtime morning, over a necessary cup of tea, Hannah of A Fashion Fix blog talked about her love for serene bedrooms and how her home furnishings are crucial to her productivity. 

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How did you decide on a colour palette? 

'I wanted the colour palette to reflect how cosy and serene we wanted our bedroom to be. We get a lot of natural light, so I wanted to make the most of that and go for light and neutral furnishings with grey walls and lots of natural wood.'  

Describe your morning routine... 

'I love waking up, opening the curtains and flooding the room with sun light. I make myself a cup of tea whilst reading through magazines, or answering emails on my laptop before I tackle getting dressed.' 

What's the one thing you can't live without pre-9am? 

'A cup of tea!' 

How important are your surroundings? 

'My surroundings influence me massively. Being in a gorgeous and tidy space makes me so much more productive and gives me a lot of inspiration. If a room is untidy etc it does impact my mood/routine. Is that weird? I just feel happier and get a lot more done.'

What's your favourite piece in your home? 

'That’s a tough one. Our whole house is full of French Connection Home! I’ve got a lot of rugs but the black and white Moroccan rug is a favourite. I also really love the bedside tables.'

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