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Our child-like wishes for snow were granted this week, covering French Connection HQ in a romantic, if slightly slushy, festive flurry. Even the most Grinch-like amongst us can’t help but feel cheery, and with the first snow fall hitting us hard (albeit without the desired snow day), the temptation to hibernate at home is stronger than ever.

Christmas conjures up idyllic images of home revolving around glittering lights brightening dimly lit rooms, curtains drawn and fire lit viewings of Home Alone under a blanket. Of course, we can’t forget the most important part of this yuletide domestic scene – your Christmas tree. Whether you’re the type to deck the halls on December 1st, or someone who at least tries to hold off until you’ve made a dent in your advent calendar, you can’t deny the beauty of a bedazzled Christmas tree.

This winter, we’re taking Christmas traditions and making them modern with our classic decorations. Nothing declares your home well and truly decked out quite like a star, either perched atop your tree, or decorating a mince pie. Read on to hear how we’re styling our stars throughout the home this Christmas.


Our delicate star decorations are made up of diamond-shaped antique mercurised glass, encased within a tarnished metal frame and arranged to create a star shape. Choose from black, gold or silver metal frames for timeless accents to your tree.

Christmas Homeware Accessories

Eye-catching 3D stars will prove a firm favourite for their dynamic appearance. Two separate stars join to create a striking shape.

Homeware Accessories

Don’t just confine the stars to your tree – scatter throughout your home and hang on pieces of string or ribbon for a clustered pendant effect, or make a cluster of stars the centre piece at your Christmas feast.


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