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Alongside the clocks going back, here at French Connection HQ, the start of party season is marked by the arrival of envy-inducing dressesNext level volume, tufts of pink tulle and mirrored detail has descended upon us, and for that we are very grateful. *Chinks glasses of prosecco*. 

Here is where the hyper-feminine yet ultra-modern will cast a spell over our wardrobe. But when it comes to getting dressed, the temptation to slip into your fairy tale attire is often relegated once practicality comes into play. Party season isn't for wallflowers, but it doesn't mean that you have to be excluded from the conversation if you are one. Here's how to style the latest collection of magical pieces whilst maintaining your signature look. 

Whether you're a woman who prefers to err on the side of simplicity or a maverick who has a penchant for statement combinations, select the right piece for you.

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Sometimes more is more 

Understated? Not tonight she's not. She likes to indulge her whimsy and party season is no exception. A generous serving of pastel shades and frothy tulle skirts are often on the agenda. 

Party Wear - Women's Faux Fur Coat

The anti-dress 

She has an undying penchant for jumpsuits. Her alternative to the much-coveted party dress is preferably covered in embroidery. She layers it with an understated knit in the day and swaps into a luxurious faux fur jacket when night falls. 

Jumpsuit & Faux Fur Jacket

The LBD 

She likes her evening attire to err on the darker side but she doesn't forget femininity. She balances her love of the LBD with a flattering shape and the addition of delicate detail.  

Party Wear - Little Black Dress

All things shiny 

'If you're not wearing a sequin dress then is it even party season?' is her mantra. No matter the dress code, she dons the most shimmery piece she can find when the clock strikes 6. We salute her. 

Party Wear - Sequin Dresses

Get inspired...

Modern Fairy Tale Party Wear

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