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When asked what we're wearing this month, we can confirm that we're sliding ourselves firmly into the floral dresses category. Weather notwithstanding, we have a penchant for a feminine frock, preferably finished with a nipped in waist and a statement floral print that's just begging to be photographed. But searching for a memorable dress can be a daunting task, so we've done our research and edited it down (though it took some serious deliberating) to two of the very best summer dresses for your wardrobe. If you can't wear them to work, cocktails and into the weekend too (these dresses are surely up to the job) then we're hanging up our fashion coats now.

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Floral dresses aren't to be underestimated. Sure, your faithful jeans are there for you when you just need to get dressed and promptly leave the house, we're not arguing with that. But where's the fun? Sometimes, we just want to wear a great dress.

But why the Delphine floral print? It's not too girly, certainly not too bright, and definitely not something that you'll wear once to your best friend's aunt's wedding before filing neatly into your wardrobe, never to be worn again. These fail-safe summer outfit formulas are the perfect balance of sophisticated shapes, premium fabrics and a statement floral print that will make for many 'where did you get that dress from?' moments.

Onto our last point. Say hello to your humidity saviour. A great dress is a one-stop shop to harmonious summer dressing. Slip yourself into an all-in-one lightweight fabric finished with a pair of earrings and you're good to go. No need to conduct multiple outfit try-ons. 


The Delphine Drape Fit and Flare

 All new blues are cut with light and airy fabrics to complete a fresh ensemble that swishes when you walk. A short and sweet number simply needs sleek accessories and ultra-chic earrings. In conclusion, this outfit has 'Shop Me' written all over it.

The Delphine Drape Fit and Flare, Clean Minimalism Dumpling Bag, Core Hoop and Drop Circle Earrings


The Delphine Shirt Dress

The classic shirt dress is perfect for the office but add some chic jewellery and swap your work shoes for trainers and you're ready for the bar too. Daring types can try the dresses-over-jeans trend by slipping on a pair of indigo blues and unbuttoning your dress to the waist to add shape. 

Delphine Drape Shirt Dress, Core Brushed Disc Bangle, Nolita Velcro Trainers 

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