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The latest trend on our radar comes straight from the street style hall of fame. But it's not just reserved for Instagram stars and fashion editors and so, in the spirit of experimental layers, we put it to the test. The results? We found that dresses over jeans are simple to put together and easy to master with a few straightforward tips and tricks. The beauty of this combination lies not only in its ability to reinvigorate your most trusty denim pair, but also in the way that it deals with finicky weather in one fell swoop. 

Here's an introduction to the savvy sartorial combination that will make your wardrobe work double time. Try these 4 ways to wear...

1. The Maxi Dress 

Rule number 1 is to stick to cropped lengths and straight leg shapes. This best-selling summer dress plus our favourite kickflare jean = a recipe made in sartorial heaven. Bonus points for thigh-high splits and a deep V-neck to show just enough leg whilst maintaining a streamlined yet feminine silhouette. Excuse us while we swoon. 

Dresses over Jeans - The Maxi Dress

Flared Jeans & Maxi Dress combo

Ask Crop Kick FlareFrances Drape Maxi Dress, Aurora Lace Up Sandal

2. The Embroidered Mini

Also on the list of our top tips is to steer well clear of heavyweight denim and instead add interest with a raw hem and mash-up style. This combination turns a mini dress into a tunic and reappropriates a bright summer smock to create a weather-appropriate ensemble.

Dresses over Jeans - The Mini Dress

Boyfit Jeans & Embroidered Mini Dress

Vintage Mash Up Boyfit Jean, Alice Drape Embroidered Dress, Alexa Canvas Eyelet Sneaker

3. The Jersey Dress

A wear-anywhere combination of ribbed jersey, polished accessories and indigo blues will see you through the weekend with ease. Note that here, the simple shape and modern accessories add polish to an otherwise casual piece. Clutch bag optional but highly encouraged. 

Dresses over Jeans - The Jersey Dress

Cropped Jeans & Jersey Dress

Boyfit Cropped Jean,  Marin Ottoman Jersey Dress, Soft drawstring Shoulder Bag

4. The Shirt Dress

Pull on your silk shirt dress and pair it with a slight boy-fit jean. Tip: Keep the buttons undone (on the top or bottom) to add much-needed shape to this loose silhouette. A darker shade of denim is also a good starting point for those more weary of the trend. 

Dresses over Jeans - The Shirt Dress

Boyfit Cropped Jeans & Shirt Dress

Boyfit Cropped Jean, Calli Lightweight Crepe Shirt Dress, Seamless Metal Cat Eye Glasses

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