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Open plan living is the stuff of homeware dreams. Bright and airy spaces, high ceilings and modern architecture create a blank canvas for modern living and provide the perfect place for relaxing and socialising come 6pm on a Friday. It's a much-coveted look that often stays firmly on our Pinterest wish list as opposed to in real life but, with a bit of planning and well-positioned lighting, it can be recreated in your spacious flat or living room. 

Make the most of an open plan living space with 3 simple steps straight from the experts.

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1. Lighting is key  

Embrace natural light throughout your home. Streams of sunlight will lift your space with ease and bring a touch of the outdoors in. It also softens the most industrial aesthetics and compliments natural fabrics and materials.

Add pendant lighting to your kitchen and prep areas to define your kitchen space and illuminate your working area. Select more decorative lamps for your dining area to provide a softer glow for cocktail hour. 

Our favourite is the Concrete Table Lamp with a pillar-style design. It’s hand-poured into a mould to create an organic and non-uniform result that’s simple yet impactful.  

For a touch of luxe appeal, add the Hammered Copper Floor Lamp. Crafted with textured metal and burnished copper, this new design allows the build to reflect around the room. It's a must-buy.

2. Unify your living space with colour

Consider your home as a whole. Mellow and muted tones will play an important role in bringing your areas together so balance your colour palette throughout the house to create consistency in colour temperature. Colour blocking is a contemporary way of emphasising different zones within your space. A pop of yellow or autumnal red will be our go-to.

Add the new Chunky Cable Knit Throw to your hit list.

3. Materials

The most important tip from the team is to add depth and character to your space with texture and hand-woven textiles. Layer wood, concrete or steel with stylish rugs, cushions and throws to establish your relaxation spaces within the home. A new selection of Moroccan inspired prints and seasonal hues will add warmth to a spacious environment and offset your sleek, modern space. 

The Aztec Patterned Rug is an Instagram-worthy piece. 

Open Plan Homeware Essentials

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