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he most Instagrammable festival of the year hit Palm Springs this April with a fitting launch to festival season (think palm trees, exclusive parties and plenty of desert dancing). But with Glastonbury looming, we're now getting in the mood for festival season in the UK and in aid of finding our perfect playlist, we turned to The Books - the number one all-female DJ agency taking to the stage across London, Palm Springs and beyond. 

How did The Books begin?

The Books launched in 2015 in London. I wanted to create an agency like no other. A collective of multi-talented DJs who weren’t just spinning the best tunes at the trendiest parties in the city, but who were also photographers, models, influencers, trend-setters and bloggers during the day. 

The Books was about big personalities, big ideas and all about pushing the boundaries. A cult of new generation digital superstars, on the forefront of culture, harnessing the medias and platforms of today, who were daring to design their own lives and forge their own paths.

Having been involved in the music industry in a number of different capacities, I was now frequently programming DJs for different fashion events and venues. My favourite DJs made up The Books roster.

What made you focus on an all female line-up? 

The Books is about being forward thinking, making big statements and going against the grain – the DJ scene might currently be male dominated but we are looking at the future and hope to be part of the revolution.

For me the prospect of aiming my attention at empowering the minority excited me – it was daring and adventurous.  I had also grown up DJing with my sister Poppy and surrounded by inspirational women – it seemed obvious for me to head in this direction. 

What tracks are the team currently listening to? 

‘Shining ft Beyounce & Jay Z’ – DJ Khaled

‘Sex With Me’ – Rihanna

‘On Purpose’ – Dougie F

Who’s the one to watch?

Brittany Sky, Sam Blacky, Coco&Breezy, Eve Speciall, Snoochie Shy to name just a few of the DJs making waves…

What will you be wearing this festival season? 

DJs, identical twins and eyewear deigners - Coco & Breezy 

‘[Coco] I will be sporting our 3 lens Coco&breezy sunglasses that we designed.’

‘[Breezy] And I will be wearing our fun colourful frames that we just designed with Twizzler and Jolly Rancher, 

‘[Coco] We normally wear more chill clothes because our eyewear and jewellery is the outfit’. 

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