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As part of our series of interviews with people that inspire both our wardrobes and our lifestyle, we caught up with Emily Stein – the London-based photographer who was responsible for selecting a cast of young, emerging talent for the latest Rebound denim shoot

There is an uninhabited sense of youthfulness and fun to Emily's photographs. She has travelled the world photographing people of all walks of life, including Mississippi locals, young ballroom dancers and Nora, a 73-year-old woman from Stoke Newington. It's this varied and personal approach that has seen her work featured in the likes of Dazed, Vice and The Guardian to name a few. 

When did you start taking photographs?

I started taking photographs in my last year of my fine art degree at uni. Once I had picked up a camera that was it, I knew it was what I wanted to do.

What influences you?

My influences have all been great female photographers – but particularly Mary Ellen Mark and Diane Arbus. I read Diane Arbus’ biography – she photographed people on the margins of society in a time when they were not really represented. She just wandered the streets with the camera. Then, I spent a long time not looking at the work of others as I didn’t want to be too influenced or mimic people. These days I look at everything. I am inspired by all kinds of work from landscape photographers to fashion to portraiture. A few of my favourites at the moment are Zoe Ghertner and Julia Noni. 

Have you met anyone who’s really captured you on your travels?

Everyone I photograph touches me in some way. Each person I have photographed has a unique story. I love Nora – who I have photographed and filmed - she is just amazing, she eats life and is passionate about everything she does.

What is it about street casting projects that you love?

 I love street casting – it allows you into the lives of people whom you would never otherwise meet. You have to be really quick on your feet and think fast as incredible people rush past you. You have to grab them and get there attention and interest in the project you are working on.

How does denim fit into your lifestyle?

 Denim is an everyday necessity for me. I switch between denim shirts, dungarees and high-waisted jeans.

Who's your all-time favourite denim icon? 

Pamela Anderson looked pretty good in denim in the early 90's.


Emily Stein

Meet the Street Cast

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