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Next time you're in London's W1, look up and you'll see that our flagship store just got even better. On the first floor, overlooking Selfridges and the busy West End, the first independent speciality coffee shop to arrive on Oxford Street has launched in partnership with Brwd. 

Founders of Blend, the popular North London cafe and fashionable local hotspot, Linda Zubairi and Steve Talevski have brought their personal touch and delicious treats to our central city neighbourhood. 

The vision is simple - well-made food and good coffee with a welcoming atmosphere. 

1.The Coffee

Calling coffee connoisseurs. Stopping for some sartorial sustenance on Oxford Street is a given and so too is pausing to recharge with a brew. Choose between a flat white, latte and cortado using quality beans from Climpson and Son's Estate Espresso Blend. Coffee fever shows no sign of waning, so if you fancy an alternative to your usual cup then try a chemex, aeropress or cold brew. Every sip matters.

2.Homemade Food 

Starting the day with a big breakfast is all well and good... but if you barely have time to brush your hair let alone spend time over a hearty meal before you hurriedly rush to the tube, then let Brwd do it for you. Just take your laptop or breakfast meeting with you. 

Homemade food from the pair's North London kitchen includes a light breakfast of granola, yogurt and honey, pastries or bagels. Come the afternoon, try a selection of focaccia, salads and baked cakes. We recommend the carrot cake or the vegan brownie for an indulgent treat. 

3.The View 

One of the best parts of visiting the capital is undoubtedly the people watching. Pitch up near the windows and wile away the hours to backdrop of iconic London buses, black cabs and swathes of shoppers passing by. You can also try our homeware collection for yourself. Sit on the crafted stools and chairs whilst you sip from our unique set of ceramics in amongst a modern space with industrial accents. 

396 Oxford St, London W1C 1JX

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