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In need of some inspiration? Having worked in the fashion and lifestyle industry for the past 5 years, it’s fair to say that Monikh Dale a pretty good judge of aesthetics. We spent the morning loungin’ in her Wandsworth flat chatting statement rugs, Cowhide chairs and stylish clutter.

Monikh’s home is her creative workspace and she’s spent the last year refining and refreshing her new surroundings with achingly-cool decor that mirrors her personal style. When she’s not blogging or shooting she can be found cleaning her flat in casual clothing (a favored pastime) or brunchin’ at Milk in Balham.

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Homeware Inspiration With Monikh Dale

Describe your approach to styling your home for 2017...

I work from home and am in the same surroundings for work and pleasure so I need my environment to constantly inspire me. I think it's super important to update your living space every year, it makes me feel refreshed. A quick move around and subtle update with core pieces can completely change the mood of a room; fresh room fresh mind.

How have you made your London flat a home?

Having moved on from last year’s minimal obsession, I’m now all about clutter. Lots of interesting textures in deep blues and greens accompanied by various tones of pinks and browns.My living room is now a room which has character, each piece contradicting the other but somehow working.

The ‘chic clutter’ look has given it a warm aura, a room which oozes my eclectic yet simple style.

I use to concentrate on just the soft furnishings (lamps, plants, photo frames) but I've also learned that the larger items are just as important.

For me it’s the rug which makes the room feel warm, especially with light wood floors, you need something to soften it, and this more out there rug brings a completely new element to the room.

What can we find you doing on a Sunday afternoon at home?

Cleaning the flat all morning, then sinking into my chair and enjoying the results. That is until my boyfriend pulls me away and out of the house for food.

How does your living space influence the way you get dressed?

Having finally made my space an inspiring hideaway, I find myself just wanting to be comfortable in what I'm wearing. Here, there's no need for over the top dresses or anything remotely tight, it’s all about boyfriend jeans or flouncy day dresses.

What’s the most treasured piece in your home?

Having really only finished decorating this year, everything is still pretty new. We have photos from trips and of our family and friends around the flat that make me smile.

The Cowhide Chair will eventually be that one piece we have forever. It’s such a statement item which has taken one of the focal points in our first home. I can imagine taking it with us to our future houses.

Why did you opt to live in Wandsworth?

It’s a beautiful area that makes you feel away from it all, but in fact is super close to central which is perfect for running to meetings. For cosy dinners, we head to The Althorpe, our local pub full of friendly locals. When I'm  craving my weekly dose of avocado, I head to Flotsam and Jetsam or walk down to Balham and sit in Milk where I inevitably end up staying for a couple of hours with my laptop.


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