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When it comes to homeware, the team at Pinterest know a thing or two about the latest trends. Whether you’re looking for small space tips, wardrobe tricks or desk space inspiration, the world’s catalogue of ideas is a fail-safe option.

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They’re the channel that tipped navy coats as the most popular coat trend for AW16 (we think you’ll agree that this was correct) and reported an 87% increase in 80’s-inspired pins by the end of 2016 (no surprises there).


What are the 2017 homeware trends to look out for?

With more than 8 billion home decor ideas on the platform, home is the third largest category on Pinterest worldwide.

When you think about it, decorating a home is always a work in progress and always very personal.  Just like fashion, there are copious new trends to try and accounts on Pinterest look to for everything from a complete room renovation to the latest “it” colour.

Here are the home trend highlights from the 2017 Pinterest 100, our official trend report for this year with the percentage of increase we’re seeing people saving ideas on the platform:

Wood tiles +51%

A rustic alternative to subway tile.

Bedside table is the new bookshelf +721%

The one table you’ll be happy to see in the morning.

Hygge in the home +285%

Pronounced ‘hooga’, this is the Danish concept of living simply.

Hanging plants +200%

Making their way to an interior near you, climbing plants magically transform any room with their lush greenery and flourishing vines. And the best part? Certain types, like the pothos plant, are almost impossible to kill.

Marble wallpaper +303%

This marvelous motif plans on sticking around for a while.

Copper continues to shine +90%

If silver isn’t your thing and you’re ready to go beyond gold.

Heated floors for a home remodel +54%

Your feet will thank you forever.

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What’s the paint colour for 2017?

We’re predicting that navy will be the new black this year. Homes are breaking away from the Swedish-inspired white interiors and crossing over to the dark side with navy and deep blue tones. A velvet sectional or high-gloss statement wall gives any space modern, moody vibes.

Top tips for creating a Pinterest-worthy home…

People save things on Pinterest for themselves so we see people save step-by-step tutorials and not just the final result. Pinterest serves as a guide to the products people need and how to use them.

Discover what you love. The more you save ideas to your boards the more Pinterest gets to know what you like and will suggest daily personalised ideas just for you.

Create multiple boards for different inspirations – for a wall colour or a paint technique, a specific room of the home or maybe an item of furniture.  Play around with how you want to organise your ideas – there is no right or wrong way to do it, it’s all about finding what’s right for you.

Ultimately, it’s about discovering what you love and then going offline to actually do it.

Pinterest Home Inspiration for 2017

Accounts to follow for inspiration…

Hege in France

Little Green Shed

The Happy Flat

Ziggy Sawdust


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