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The most important day of your student life is almost here and dressing for the occasion can be just as stressful as sitting that final exam. Marking a significant chapter of your life, a graduation is a family affair and one to be shared with loved ones before embarking onto the next phase of your life. Making an effort is imperative as we all know the cap-and-gown photos grace walls and fireplaces for centuries to come. But what do you opt for? The gown in itself can prove tricky thanks to odd university colours or being handed a size too big on the day but failsafe rules apply. Stick to these and you'll breeze through graduation with a swish of your gown...


Ladies, think cute but comfortable 

You don't want to be caught pulling down your mini skirt as you make the walk to the stage, all eyes will be on you. Opt for a graduation dress that's flattering yet completely comfortable to sit, stand and curtsy in. The rest of the day will be effortlessly easy if you're wearing a dress you feel good in and we've found three styles that cater to the day perfectly. Nipped at the waist to give structure and shape, all of these dresses will look prim and proper for your big day. The added accents, be it lace, metallic thread or fresh rose tones will give you just enough wow-power under your gown.

This rule should follow through to your footwear too. Starting the day early and likely to carry right on through the evening, your shoes need to have staying power. Blocked heels and wedges are best suited to all-day occasions plus will carry you through the rest of your summer soirées.

L-R: Torma Leather Sandals, Lata Leather Wedges, Tola Suede Sandals


Black, blue or grey - what will it be, Gents?

This all depends on your graduation colours. Blues and greens will look better with navy suits while bright reds and yellows are best accompanied by black. For you boys, a pair of perfectly tailored trrousers combined with a crisp white, freshly ironed shirt should do the job perfectly. Likely to be in summer, leave your jacket at home.


Whatever colour you choose, a classic white shirt, pair of black brouges and a plain skinny tie will complete your graduation outfit with a refined and smart appeal.
L-T: Cajol Leather Brogues, Formal Cotton Shirt, Plain Silk Skinny Tie

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