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There’s something very appealing and extremely addictive about scrolling through endless crisp white pages of a design blog. Packed to the rafters with i-want-one-of-those homeware accessories, why-don’t-they-ship-to-the-UK brands and enviable living rooms and kitchens, we’ve found one that fits this bill perfectly. Meet Maria Riazzoli, the Swedish beauty, scratch that total babe, behind interior design blog, Riazzoli. The success and popularity of the blog is down to Maria’s carefully curated content that seamlessly falls off the pages and of course, her impeccable taste. The mum-of-one let us peek into her minimalistic space to find out a little more about the beauty behind the blog…

How did Riazzoli start?

I am originally from Stockholm but I have lived in Malmö, in the south of Sweden, for over ten years now. I live in a small terraced house from the 1800s together with my husband, our son and our dog. I started the blog in 2010 just for fun and as a place to save all of my inspiration. Little did I know that the blog was going to be so popular and that I was going to get new friends and job opportunities through it.

What sparked your interest in interiors?

I don’t know what started it. But as far as I can remember I have liked to style and redecorate. I remember when I was little and lived at home with my parents, I used to close the door to my room and started to redecorate among the toys and books at least once a week.

Talk me through a typical day for you…

I wake up before everyone else (including my 1.5 year old son who aaaalways wakes up early) I get dressed, east my oarmeal with almond milk before I drive the one hour long drive to my work in Helsingborg. I work for a company that makes hard soap with marketing and design. I get home around 4 o´clock to kiss and hug my son and then four hours of play, dinner, dogwalking etc starts. When my son (Valter) has gone to bed I usually starts working with my own company “Riazzoli”. I blog, do my work as a design editor for the magazine Nya RUM, take a look at what my blog colleagues have been up to and works on a little secret product I hope to launch sometime this fall. Then it’s all of a sudden time for bed!

How would you describe your own style, particularly within your home?

I guess you could say that I have a typical Nordic style but of course with my own twist to it. At home we have a lot of white, black and light wood as a base mixed with fun details. I think that my blog reflects my style in a good way.

Styled by Maria Riazzoli

Maria’s favourite piece from our homeware range was our Block Printed Rug, check out how it looks within her home right here, and you can even WIN one of your very own.

Head over to Riazzoli to find out more.

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